Contact Lenses

There are literally hundreds of different contact lenses on the market today. The sheer number of options can be overwhelming when considering which contact lens is best for you, and that’s where Optiks can help. Regardless of your age—from children to seasoned adults—Optiks specializes in fitting all types of contact lenses. Not sure if you were fit with the contact lenses that were right for you? Our office has some of the most skilled and highly trained contact lens technicians around. They will ensure that you will get the contacts that best suit your needs.

Dry Eye

Dry eyes and contact lenses are no longer considered mutually exclusive. Recent advances in lens material technology now allow the dry-eye patient the comfort and convenience of contact lens wear. Ask about which lens may be right for you.

Specialty Lenses

Contact lenses aren’t just cosmetic devices that free you from the burden of wearing eyeglasses—oftentimes contact lenses are the only way to provide the best possible vision for our patients. Optiks is proud to provide one of the largest, most comprehensive specialty contact lens practices in the area. Our area of expertise includes fitting over irregular corneas due to:

  • Kerataconus
  • Corneal Transplant
  • Endothelial dysfunction (Fuchs' dystrophy)
  • Astigmatism

Optiks offers all major brands of contact lenses. We can order your supply of contacts and have them ready for pick-up or—for your convenience—we can ship them directly to your home for a small fee.

Vision Insurance

Optiks accepts a wide variety of vision insurances. During your next visit to the Optiks showroom, check with the licensed opticians to see if your plan is one that is accepted.